2023-2024 Certification Application

Differentiate Your Ergonomic Practice

For more detailed information on the certification application requirements please review the certification page here and return to this link to begin the certification application process.

If you require assistance, please call the ORI California office at 510-778-8697.

Benefits of Certification

Oxford Research Institute is a nationally recognized non-profit dedicated to promoting the diversity of contributions to the field of ergonomics by all disciplines.
Below are just some of the benefits derived when you are certified by ORI
Oxford Research Institute, professional certifications are recognized throughout the US. ORI has several professional Certification Areas. We provide certifications in the professional areas of Certified Industrial Ergonomists (CIE), Certified Associate Ergonomist (CAE) and Certified Human Factors Engineering Professional (CHFEP). 


Why Obtain Accreditation or Certification in Ergonomics from the Oxford Research Institute Inc.?

·         To Differentiate your ergonomic Service and to assure your clients that they will receive High Quality & Value in the ergonomic services you provide.
·         To show your clients that an Independent Non Profit Corporation comprised of world class experts in Ergonomics and Human Factors Engineering have tested and evaluated  your ability, knowledge and experience and certified you in this respect.


ORI will provide support to its certificate holders in the form of :

·        Ergonomic Consulting support  related to Job/Task/ Process Analysis for ergonomic risk reduction, injury abatement and enhanced productivity.
·         Support you with rapid prototype designs, testing and help with patents
·         Free Technical Reports and limited on-line assistance
·         ORI will refer business to CIE’s and CHFEP’s
·         ORI will assist their certificate holders obtain employment in the field of Ergonomics.
·         An independent third party evaluation and award for Ergonomic service provider organizations if they meet certain measurable criteria.

2023-2024 Application for Certification

To initiate your application for certification  complete this on-line form, fill-in questionnaire and submit payment of the fee. Please review questions on the downloadable hardcopy application prior to completing application process. If you have requested information ready allow about 30-45 minutes to complete the on-line application.

Information required:

1. Resume, or curriculum vitae for upload

2. Current Occupation and Employer Information

3. Education Information

4. Recommendation/Sponsor contact information

5. Information on Training and Certification

6. Listing of specialized workshops, lectures and courses completed

Once your application has been accepted your file can then be started. You will be contacted by email and provided with the instructions for completing the application process, documents to submit and scheduling your examination date.

 Examinations are web based and monitored on-line live by an proctor.

The examination is scheduled by applicants a month in advacne and available at the end of each month.  You will be able to change date by written request.

2023 On-Line Exam Dates

 Exam will be available 24/7 during these 3 day windows at the end of each month.

Only certification candidates with accepted applications and prior approval will be allowed to take the examination.

proval will be allowed to take the examination. 

Important: Please review the additional information provided in the downloadable documents below:

1. ORI Certification Application 2023-24

2. ORI Certification Code of Conduct

ORI 2023-2024 Certification Application

2023-2024  Certification Application and fee payment

Max Per Order:1

Certification Application - Upgrade

Upgrade Certification Level - only available to current ORI CAE Certification holders

Max Per Order:1
Download: ORI Certification Application 2023-2024

Certification Hard Copy required to be completed and signed by Applicant

Download: Code of Conduct

ORI code of Conduct


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